Thursday, March 3, 2011

OotD: German Dancer

So there was an Anthro sale yesterday! Did you pick up anything? What did you think of the offerings? I sat this one out, but two of my recent purchases got second cuts, which means I got price adjustments! And oh man, guys, the most epic thing happened. So a week or two ago, I ordered the Tiered Rush Dress in an XS, and was so sad to see it get canceled. Worried that I'd never find an XS, I ordered a S on popback, but it was really too big. I seem to have unintentionally lost a bit of weight due to my exercise regimen, and it just didn't work for me like I'd hoped it would.

Imagine my shock when this dress AND my new Chantilly Chemise both received additional markdowns yesterday! For $30, I was sorely tempted to just keep the ill-fitting dress, but I knew I had to try one more time to find an XS. I have to give the biggest shoutout ever to Ellen, who emailed me to let me know that her local Anthro had a Tiered Rush in my size! It's now on its way to me, and I couldn't be happier. I scored a $190 dress for $30 and a $90 slip for $20! How wonderful is that? Thank you so much for helping me score it, Ellen!

And now, here's today's outfit! It's probably a good thing that I've lost a little weight, because I refuse to dry clean this dress and it shrunk when I hand-washed it, oops. I was planning to wear it with my orange cardigan, but the embroidery wasn't as orange as I'd remembered. I liked the mint green better for spring, anyway. I got asked if I was a "German dancer" in this dress, ha! (I am neither German nor a dancer. Trust me on the second one.)




Anthropologie Manisa Dress, Speckled Tights
JCrew cardi (from warehouse sale)
Softwalk shoes (2009 and still loving them!)
NY and Company necklace (gifted)

This was a really comfy outfit, and I always think of my friend Keenan when I wear it because she owns this dress, too. I helped her find one last year, and we've been friends ever since. If you're reading this, hi, Keenan!


  1. Love it, this is one of my favorite dresses! Great scores too...I can't believe the Tiered Rush got another cut so soon. It's such a fabulous dress too.

  2. Thanks LC! I love this dress, too. I need to think of more ways to wear it. I was shocked to see the cut on my wishlist, too! I can't wait to take pictures with it!

    (BTW, sorry to those who caught this post while I was wrestling with cropping. There were some technical difficulties on this little blog of mine.)

  3. I really love this combination on you, and I do think the cardi in this color is better than an orange probably would've been (gasp, coming from me, I know). And it looks like spring! Such lovely photos. :) Epic deals too!

  4. Wow, what great deals you got! Love it when things work out like that. I'm regretting not getting the Chantilly Chemise when I had the chance. Maybe I will get lucky too and find one in store:)

    Love your outfit! The mint cardi looks great with that dress.

  5. Van: Yeah, I realized the embroidery... was not orange, so that wasn't going to work. I normally wear this dress with yellow, but I like it better this way for spring.

    Kristin: I decide how much an item is worth to me before looking at the price tag and strictly wait until it reaches that price before buying (if it never does, I don't buy it -- or at least, I really try not to). This was less than I'd planned to pay for either item, so I was shocked and ecstatic! :D What size are you looking for in the Chantilly? I'll watch for a popback for you. And CS might be able to find you one!