Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest Post: Reviews by Ria!

Hi everyone! My sister Ria will be guest blogging today to review some items that she tried on at her local Anthro last weekend. Ria and I have different styles and are shaped differently, so I thought it would help you guys to see our favorite new arrivals on someone else. For reference, Ria is 5'6, usually a size 2, and about 115 pounds. I hope you enjoy her perspective! Take it away, Ria!

So there’s been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about how Anthro’s redeemed itself after its horrific January catalog. I, for one, didn’t believe it. I mean, sure the new offerings were better than 80 renditions of the same baggy, shapeless striped shirt (seriously go check out the oldest of their full priced shirts, it’s unbelievable), but they weren’t the Anthro that I was introduced to last spring. Then I made the odyssey of a trip to my “nearest” Anthro (about four hours round trip) and, after a bit of digging, found several gems hidden beneath enough potato sacks to cause a second famine in Ireland.

First, my all Anthro OOTD (what else does an Anthro addict wear to Anthro?)

Skirt: Weave the Ring Skirt
Cardigan: Blooming Lattice Cardigan
Tights: Dotty Clusters Tights
Shoes: Renneslear T straps

Canopy Lookout Dress:


Why, hey y’all. I’m Miss Scarlet O’Hara. Come set with me on the porch and have some sweet tea, and don’t you dare talk about war, war, war. I’m graduating this year and my school requires girls to wear white dresses instead of graduation robes, so I thought this would be a contender. While it’s not bad, it’s a little too Scarlet O’Hara for me. The length is odd: between knee length and tea length. I think it runs a little big too. I’m usually between an xs and a small in dresses and this one was just the slightest bit too big even in the xs. If you’re between sizes or you’re not particularly gifted in the chest area (like moi) size down.

Will it last? Will I pass? Or is it in the trash?: I’ll pass on this one



Hah, that one was for you sister. Oh my, how I loathe this dress. Yuck, yuck, icky puey. Let me count the ways. The material is really, really heavy, and for a springy summer dress, that’s not a good thing. Good luck wearing this one in 100 degree heat. Second, it runs super small. The 2 didn’t even zip two thirds of the way up, I may have even needed a 6. Not that I cared enough to go hunt one down. It smushed my boobs down to non existence and I was dying to get it off. And how can we forget the print? I mean if you *want* to look like the border of a nursery room, who am I to judge? It’s definitely not for me.

Will it last? Will it pass? Or is it in the trash?: This one would be tossed down the incinerator.

Cherry Drops Corset and Field Skirt:


AUGH! Dilemma! The shape of this is almost identical to last year’s Pop of Posies halter, which I have and love, and yet I like this one a lot too. Like the Pop of Posies, it’s a little snug in the tummy area. This is a 2 and after looking at the pics, I think I’ll size up to a 4 here. What I love about this top is, unlike most halters, even smaller chested girls could hold it up strapless. You can’t really tell from a distance, but the pattern is a bunch of chains linked together. And pink! I love pink. I’m going to law school next year so I need something pink for the sake of Elle Woods. Right? Riiiiiight?

Will it last? Will I pass? Or is it in the trash?: I have a feeling I’ll be picking this one up on sale.

I wouldn’t wear these two together, but I wanted to give the Field Skirt a whirl since everyone else seems to love it. It’s nice and I love the color, but the corduroy keeps it from being a year-round piece. If it makes it to second cut I’ll pick one up, but given its popularity, I’m not holding my breath.

Will it last? Will I pass? Or is it in the trash?: If by some miracle I find it on second cut, it’ll be mine.

Sunny Soiree Dress:

I actually kind of liked this one, and yet there’s no picture. Why is there no picture, you ask? Because I was wearing a pink bra and it is COMPLETELY SEE THROUGH. You would definitely need a cami under this one. If I can find the yellow Vappu dress (please please please to anyone with this dress in a 0 2 or 4!) then I won’t need this one, but I really liked the white on top and the yellow on bottom. And the Pirate ruffle. Rawr. I tried it on in a 2 and it fits true to size.

Will it last? Will I pass? Or is it in the trash?: If I can’t find the Vappu (please!) I’ll pick this one up on 2nd cut as a consolation prize. And a cami to wear under it.

Update from Katie:
Ria would like to make it known that she found a Vappu dress thanks to Diem!

Sweet Offerings Chemise:


Meh. I mean it’s a pretty nightgown, but I don’t think I could get away with wearing this one outside the house. And my outfit of choice inside the house is my purple bathrobe with the turtles on it. But for those of you who like it, don’t let the length fool you. It looks super short on the hanger, but it’s not too bad. I’d say it runs true to size.

Will it last? Will it pass? Or is it in the trash: Pass

Tuileries Dress:


I’ve saved the best for last. This was the cream of the crop. The queso on my nachos. The dress that made me want to change my name to Mrs. Bruce Wayne just so I could afford this dress. Gimme. GimmegimmegimmegimmeGIMMEGUMDROPS.

Okay, inside voice.

I missed out on the New York New York dress by We Love Vera last year and refuse to pay IEB (insane eBay prices). This dress has an almost identical shape, but I wasn’t sold on the print until I saw it in person. Don’t let the product shot fool you, this is a beauty. I tried it on in a 2 and was crushed to see the fit was a little big up top. But the SA pulled the one lone 0 out for me and I reluctantly tried it on (I’m rarely a 0). A perfect fit. So this dress definitely runs big, especially up top. Size down. The material is divine, the colors are stunning, the length is perfect for my height and there is not a thing I don’t love about this dress. It’s like the Summer Twilight Dress from last summer and the New York New York dress had a beautiful, beautiful baby. I’d recommend it to anyone, except size 0s, who are not allowed to buy it until I have one for myself.

Will it last? Will I pass? Or is it in the trash?: I can’t afford this full priced, but I will snap this sucker up the second it goes on sale.

And now for what I actually came home with…TUILERIES!!!! No, not really, only in my dreams. But I did snag a neat little treasure:

Leather Laurel Headband:

Remember this beauty? The completely sold out one? Can I gloat a little more? Why, yes I can! Not only did I find this hanging out on its own jammed at the bottom of the headband jar, it was also randomly ON SALE! It’s still full priced online and completely sold out, so I have no idea how this lone little beauty made it to sale. But I love it. A lot. The leather is so soft and the pop of red looks really nice in my hair. I can’t wait to pair it with my red shoes!

And lastly, a plea to Anthro: MORE INTERESTING PRINTS, PLEASE!!! Stripes and florals are all well and good, but I think the reason I’ve been so blah about Anthro’s offering this season is because there aren’t any super fun prints. Where are the teacups? The roosters? The lobsters? We get one little bird dress and that’s it? That ain’t gonna cut the mustard, Anthro! But, they did come out with the Tuileries, so I can’t be too mad at them. Yet.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loungewear as Daywear: Tips and Examples

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone's having a great weekend so far. And what better time than the weekend to talk about everyone's comfiest fashion rule-breaking-fest: wearing loungewear outside the house! I know, I know. This is something that should be reserved for college students with 8AM O-Chem class. But today I'm hoping to show you a few ways that you can make Anthro's loungewear work for you as daywear.

Alright, so I actually put together these outfits accidentally. I couldn't decide how I wanted to get dressed and kept changing it up. But for better or for worse, I have three ways to wear the Hanging Hibiscus Chemise from Anthro! (Plus a bonus outfit.) I scored this chemise during my trip to the beach on sale + 25% off, so it was a great deal. It's a size too big, but for the price, who cares?

I put these two outfits together with Casual Friday in mind, but they'd be super cute and comfy for the weekend, too:


Anthropologie Hanging Hibiscus Chemise, Looping Lanes Belt
JCrew cardi
Macy's leggings
Kamik rainboots
Francesca's socks

I wasn't happy with this outfit, so I decided to channel Roxy and try this chemise over a sweater:


Anthropologie Hanging Hibiscus Chemise, Laced Dots Sweater
Macy's leggings
Kamik rainboots
Francesca's socks

This is definitely a departure from my usual fitted looks, but I was so comfy in this outfit. I can't even begin to tell you how comfy it was. (It was raining and gross that morning, so my rainboots were a non-negotiable part of the outfit.)

That night, I was invited to a friend's birthday party, and here's how I dressed this chemise up a bit:


Anthropologie Hanging Hibiscus Chemise, Looping Lanes Belt
Target cardi
Macy's tights (these are gray, which I think work better with the gray-pink-brown of the chemise)
Grandma's boots
Francesca's socks
Necklace: Gift from my sister

Overall I think this chemise is pretty wearable as an actual outfit. Here's my take on another one of my favorite Anthro chemises:


Anthropologie Guava Flower Chemise, Zodiac Heirloom Necklace, hair clips, Speckled Tights
Grandma's boots
JCrew tissue turtleneck (scored at the warehouse for only $3!!!)

I'd been looking for a nude turtleneck to wear under this chemise per my "vision" for the longest time, and I was absolutely ecstatic to find this one at my local JCrew temporary warehouse for practically nothing. (Seriously, go to a warehouse sale if you can; it's exhausting but worth it!) I got this chemise on second cut, which makes it another steal, and overall I was very happy with this outfit and think it's totally leaving-house appropriate.

Here are some tips that I've put together in my short tenure of wearing Anthro loungwear out:

1.) Layer, layer, layer. A lot of these slips/chemises are sheer, and putting a thin turtleneck, top, or even a tank/cami underneath will often make a world of difference. Tights can also help make up for a slightly shorter hemline. Look for pretty neutrals that complement your loungewear piece.

1.5) Don't be afraid to layer under or over (Roxy's sweater technique is right on the money!). When I'm choosing ways to layer, I try to figure out what part of the piece I want to emphasize, and layer in a way that helps draw attention to that. Is it the neckline that you love? Use a thin tee or turtleneck underneath. Do you love the detail of the hem? Try a sweater over the top portion.

2.) The right jewelry and shoes can really make a chemise look presentable. Try a chunky necklace or a statement piece. I've found that tall boots also really help. (They'll also compensate for a shorter hem.)

3.) When all else fails, a bright cardigan with a belt will pull things together. For chemises with a "babydoll" shape, you definitely want to find a way to define the waist. This helps avoid the "nightgown" look.

I hope this post has helped you get up the courage to wear your pretty Anthro nightgowns outside, or maybe pick up another one or two for your collection! Since Anthro's loungewear tends to be priced lower than their skirts and dresses, it's a more affordable way to add Anthro pretties to your closet, and I think with the right styling you can make lots of great outfits. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about styling the Chantilly Slip. I'll be putting together an outfit with this pretty as daywear soon to give you another fun example!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, because my sister Ria made a trip to her local Anthro and is going to be doing some awesome reviews for you. She tried on a lot of the new arrivals and has some great pictures to share. I'll see you then!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Green tights revealed!

So for those who don't know, Jewish Girl just started an awesome feature at her blog where readers submit outfits inspired by a photo. This time, the inspiration was an awesome outfit by Tara that was put together with some really amazing symbolism. Head on over to JG's Inspiring Interpretations to see what her lovely readers put together, as well as my entry and how Tara's photo inspired me.

For now, I have a few more pictures from that day to share here:




Anthropologie Dreamy Drape Dress, Twinkle Headband
Target cardigan
Macy's tights and boots

I loved participating in this feature and hope to submit another outfit to JG soon!

Stay tuned, because I've been inspired by another great blogger, and tomorrow I'll be showing you three ways to wear an Anthropologie nightgown. And yes, I do mean out of the house!

PS: How does a $50 giftcard to JCrew or Anthro sound? Amazing? Then head over to Sara's blog to enter her birthday giveaway!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This just in: I'm a nutty scientist (OotD)

I take a quiz every week in one of my classes. In the spirit of bringing grad student pain to all (wait a minute...), I thought it was only fair to give you guys one, too:

What kind of scientist thinks it's a good idea to wear a strapless dress with planes on it to lab?

If you guessed "probably the same kind of scientist who thinks it's a good idea to wear bright green tights to lab," you're correct!


Anthropologie Wright Dress, Speckled Tights, Looping Lanes Belt
Grandma's boots
Necklace: gift from Mom (it's a really cute necklace, but I can only wear it with my hair up because it snags on said hair something awful!)
Cardigan: Target

Ahem, I love this dress for many reasons. I lusted after it for months (as per usual with my Anthro purchases), but the real reason I love it is because of how I got it. It was my "good job for not failing qualifying exams, Katie!" dress, and I'd promised it to myself as I was suffering through what was probably one of the worst two weeks of my life. Knowing I had this dress on its way to me helped get me through those last few days of hell. I had to call approximately three million stores to get it the day it went on sale, but it makes me so happy every time I wear it, and every time I put it on I'm reminded that I'm a smart person who can do some big, crazy, scary things.

You might be noticing a lack of green tights in this picture. I did wear green tights this week, but I sent them (along with the rest of my outfit) to Jewish Girl's Inspiring Interpretations reader outfit feature! I'll be sure to let you know when it gets posted, and I've got a few more photos I took that day that I'll share here, too.

Oh, and I also wanted to share with you what most of my evening "outfits" look like. Usually I am wearing this very fashionable and versatile accessory:

This is Emma. She likes to sleep on my face.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OotD: Seasonally Inappropriate

Monday brought beautiful, sunny springtime weather to my neck of the woods... and then Tuesday showed up.

I was so happy to have the warm weather yesterday that I thought to myself, okay, Katie, today you're going to go without tights. Now normally I love wearing tights, but I'd been inspired by the weather to free my legs, at least for a day. Good decision? No. Oh, no. Tuesday was as gray and disgusting as Monday was sunny and wonderful, and I regretted it the moment I left the house. Lesson learned: it's tights tomorrow.

Still, I really liked my outfit. I scored this cardi on second cut at Anthro for only $20, and I got the boots for only thirty! Can you believe it? I'm getting better about figuring out ways to wear these boots, and I'm so thankful that Tien convinced me to get them.



I tried putting on a coat, but even that just didn't help:


Anthropologie Frill Force Jacket, La Dominante Cardigan, Luminous Boots, Thousand Days Skirt
Lace cami from Kohl's
Necklace is from NY and Company I'm pretty sure (it was a gift from my mom)

Sadly, this outfit wouldn't have even been seasonally appropriate if the weather had been nicer: it screams "fall" at the top of its lungs. But I love fall clothing and fall colors, so I didn't care. Who says you can only wear them September - November anyway?

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday! But I have a petticoat! Life is good!

Today was definitely a Monday. Tons of things to do at work today, and the work just didn't seem to end when I got home. Good thing one of my post-depression Anthro presents arrived on Friday.

So when I first saw this slip a few months ago, I had a crazy idea to wear it with my navy Reed Dress. You know by now that I love poof and girliness, and this outfit idea was both of those things. My friend Keenan informed me that I needed this look in my life, and I pined for it ever since. Well today, I finally got to realize this vision. Yes, my visions have now been reduced to outfits in my head. It's the little things, I tell you. Of course, I had to be a little crazy and add in some orange...



Anthropologie Reed Shirtdress (2010), Chantilly Chemise (call CS or watch for popbacks!)
Macy's tights
NY & Company necklace
Grandma's boots
Cats: Emma and Toby BOTH said hello to you today!

I also wanted to show y'all a picture of the slip on its own to get some ideas on how to wear it as a dress. I loved wearing it as a slip and think it'll make so many of my dresses that much more awesome (and by more awesome, I mean poofier). But I have a feeling I can get away with this as a dress, too, at least on the weekends. Here's a picture:


What do you guys think? How would you wear it? Right now I'm wondering about a brown jacket over it, but I'd love to hear some more ideas.

In other news, I am a dork and just now realized I have Photoshop on my computer. Luckily I am not so technologically challenged that I cannot crop, and thanks to the suggestion of my friend Van I think I've fixed my silly photo problem. Hope it looks better for you!

Things at Anthro now that I think are totally awesome:

Wisteria Halter Dress

Would this not be adorable for St. Patrick's Day? No, I'm not Irish. Why do you ask? (Okay, I totally am.)

Glanz Dress

Okay, so the name of this dress makes me think of my Pathology class and accordingly makes me want to puke, but otherwise I'm really digging it! It's a bit 50s-meets-60s, and I love the colors.

Tippi Dress

Well hello there, aren't you pretty? This dress looks like mint chocolate chips from a distance, and when you zoom in -- birds? Totally adorable? Why yes. This reminds me of the beginning of spring, but I think it could also be lovely for fall. What do I not love, though? The pricetag. =(

Sunday Shopping Skirt

This is a TOTAL Katie Skirt. Flowy, beautiful color, and defined waist? Yes please. I don't have any blue skirts, so I'm hoping this one works out for me and makes it to sale.

Cherry Drops Corset
Not technically a "new" arrival, but I adore the concept of this top and really want to try it on. I love the vintage vibe and the color, and halters are usually my friends. This will probably be a "going out" top, like the Chantico Tank, but who knows, maybe with a cardigan it would be okay for work. Time will tell!

Okay, Antho, we had a bit of a "breakup" in January because of your uninspiring offerings, but I'm ready to take you back. Is it just me, or are the new arrivals so much more in line with what we know and love about Anthro? This stuff will probably be hitting sale around my birthday (in June!), so I'm excited to see a taste of what I might be able to score with my discount. But um. No shopping for me right now, due to the whole overbudget thing. So I'll admire from afar. Oh, and do some reviews soon!

What are you guys loving at Anthro lately? Do you think they've stepped up their game?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

In which I wear more pants in one week than I've worn in months.

Hey guys! I come bearing outfits! (And I'm annoyed at my pictures not being the size I want them to be. I need to stop fussing over it for now due to it being long past time for dinner, but I'm going to keep working on it. The next post should have properly-sized images. For now, please excuse!)

I was really upset about the death in the family that I mentioned in my last post, and I stayed home from work to try and process how I was feeling. Wearing pretty things always makes me feel better, so I put this outfit together even though I didn't do anything but go pick up dinner that day:




Shamelessly head-to-toe Anthro (literally)

Twinkle Headband
Zodiac Heirloom Necklace
Picture Frame Blouse
AG Stevie Cords
Luminous Boots

Don't you love how a pretty outfit can refresh your attitude?

Onto happier times, here's a return to my usual dress-wearing ways, which I wore to work:


Anthropologie dress (2009? I forgot the name of this.)
Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Target cardigan
Macy's tights
You can't see them, but I'm wearing the Sweater-Cuffed Booties

Nope, this dress isn't the infamous Beda Dress! I found it at Anthro at the end of the summer in 2009 on a glorious second cut. It looks just like the Beda, so I didn't need that beautiful dress in my life, but I'm so glad I have this one. I sized up to accommodate my chest (woah, since when do I have to do that?), so it's veeery poofy, which is just the way I like it. I'm sad that the brightness of my cardi isn't showing up in this picture, but trust me that it's a very bright purple IRL!

And finally, I present the continuation of "Katie Won't Stop Wearing Her Stevie Cords":



Anthropologie AG Stevie Cords
JCrew cardi
Anthropologie Chantico Tank (2010)
Grandma's boots
Necklace: From the hospital where I work! Seriously! I was shocked to find something so pretty at my workplace, and for only $5.
Cat: Emma says hi!

I love this top, but it's strictly a weekend/going out piece because of the neckline, so I don't get to wear it enough. Hopefully when summer rolls around I'll get more chances to wear it. I lusted after this top for months (my sister and I called it the "Elphie Tank" -- yes, we are big Wicked fans) until it went on sale. Also, memo: I love my cords. I think I will wear them to pieces. I swear I am washing them, just so you know.

That's about it for me tonight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, guys!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've been a bad girl.

So as I'm sure everyone knows, there was an Anthro sale yesterday, and my beloved Tiered Rush Dress got the second cut I'd been hoping for.  I'd almost decided that I could pass on it, but then I logged into my wishlist this morning and noticed that one had popped back in my size... get this, along with a Chantilly Chemise, which I've also had my eye on forever and had been watching for a popback.  Between that and my bad news yesterday (there's been a death in the family for those concerned), I was weak.  Very weak.  And I ordered them both.  I even coughed up shipping.  Sigh.  Those two purchases put me over my budget this month, but at the moment I don't much care.  There's nothing else at Anthro that I really want due for a sale at the moment, so I doubt I'll shop there too much in March.  Sometimes you just deserve an extra treat, you know? 

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'm crossing my fingers that my presents don't get canceled!  I'll be sure to take photos if/when they arrive, and I'm looking forward to making tons of outfits. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outfits and Valentine's day love!

Hi!  Hope you've all had a good weekend and Valentine's Day, for all who celebrate that.  I wanted to share with you some outfits I wore in honor of everyone's favorite pink-and-red holiday and my new haircut!

So my hair.  It's been a good long while since I got it cut.  Ahem.  I'm not even going to admit how long it's been because, well, yeah, but it's been a good long while.  I was afraid it would be too short, but it was really, really time for a trim, and I liked how it came out!  My goal is still about 5-6 inches longer, but I like knowing that it'll be healthy this time around!

And here's my hair-trimming and slightly Valentine's-themed outfit:

AG Stevie Cords (Anthro -- Call CS!)
Grandma's boots
Old, old, OLD shirt.  Seriously, it's from 6th grade!  I'm not kidding.

For Sunday's outfit, I decided to be even more literal with the Valentine's theme and do something I've been wanting to do for awhile now:  leave the house in tights + shorts.  I'm not totally happy with this outfit because, wow, yeah, Valentine's overkill, but that's what this holiday is for, right?

JCrew shorts (from their warehouse sale)
Macy's tights
My new Target cardigan that served as my Valentine's present to myself!  (I have an attachment to this cardi already, as you'll see later.)
Anthro Claudine Tee (2010)
Anthro Hallowed Halls Oxfords
Necklace:  Gift from my sister

So what did I wear on Valentine's day?  Well, see for yourself!

Anthro Flowers and Thyme Dress (Ebay)
JCrew cardi
Anthro Flushed Beauty Headband (warning:  I am obsessed with this headband)
Anthro Speckled Tights
Grandma's boots again
Necklace:  Gift from one of my dearest college friends Kendall

I saw this dress on Maria last year and knew I absolutely had to have it.  So I stalked and stalked Ebay until I found one for a great deal!  This dress is every bit as pretty as it looked on Maria's blog, and I'm so glad I have it in my life.  I had a lovely time on Valentine's day with some of my best friends in the world.

And here's what I wore to work today!  Ahem, I told you I like my new cardi a lot, right?

Anthro Field Skirt (Call CS to pick up this lovely on sale!)
Anthro Speckled Tights
Target cardigan
Old Navy shirt (super old)
Anthro Sweater Cuffed Booties
Cat ears:  Not included
Flowers:  Gift from another awesome friend, also not included

This is not the greatest picture of me and I'd just received some terrible news when I took it, so please excuse.  I was inspired by Dea's styling of this skirt on her blog a few weeks ago and knew that I wanted to pair it with bright pink if I ever managed to score it on sale.  So of course that's how I chose to wear it for its first outing.  Overall I highly recommend this skirt, and if you're looking for a great fall/winter basic, I think you should consider it.  It's only $40 on sale now, and it comes in four colors!  I found it to run TTS to a little big:  the 0 fits me, but just barely.  I'd probably have sized down if I could have.

I hope you guys enjoyed these outfits and that you had a great Valentine's day!  Love to everyone reading!

PS:  I was floored to find out that Tara had chosen my Valentine's outfit to wear in her latest post!  I never thought she'd pick mine and was so flattered.  You should go check out how pretty she and her hubby look!

PPS:  I made my pictures a little bigger in this post in hopes that you could see them better.  Let me know if you like that or if it's too big!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Post:: OotDs, reviews, and a dilemma!

Hi guys!  Time for a big post full of fashiony goodness!

First, I went to Anthro last weekend with my parents (surprised?), and my mom graciously offered to buy me something.  I didn't really have my eye on anything, but has that ever stopped me?  Oh no.  

First, I wasn't too impressed with the Gathering Blossoms Top online, but in the store I adored the color so much that I had to try it.  I didn't see a 0, so I'm wearing the 2, which you can see is very big.  (I could get it on easily without undoing the side zip, what!)  I loved the color with my skintone/features and it looked awesome with my white cords (see below).  The blouse is silk and seems good quality.  My worry is that even the 0 would be way too big.  Looking at the picture, I'm not sure I'm as happy with it as I was in the store.  What do you guys think?  At $118, there's no way this top is coming to live in my closet any time soon, but if it gets a second cut I'd consider it. 

I'd heard about these AG Stevie Cords (no longer online, but call CS and you may still be able to find some) from some other blogs, but wasn't sure how I'd like them on me.  I typically don't wear pants because I just don't feel pretty in them.  But I had nothing better to do, and I noticed they had a 26 in the sale room, so I tried them on.  Love!  They were so soft and really flattering.  The length is a little long for 5'3 me, but they'll be cute rolled up, with heels, and a lot of different ways.  Best of all?  They had gotten a second cut!  So I informed my mom that she was buying me these pants, ha.  Unfortunately I felt that the size 26 was just a little big (being cords, I was worried they'd stretch and be really baggy in the butt, which is a problem I have with a lot of jeans --  no booty to speak of here).  Luckily, my local Anthro was kind enough to get on the phone and find me a size 25, which arrived a few days ago.  I couldn't get them on fast enough: 

 AG Stevie Cords (Anthro)
JCrew cardi
Wind Rippled Tee (Anthro 2009)
Boots from Grandmother

And guess what else arrived?  My Laced With Grace dress!  (No longer online, but they are in stores, so call!)  I've wanted this dress since it made its debut on the Anthro site.  Green is one of my favorite colors on me, and I own nothing like this.  I loved it, but it was too expensive.  So I patiently waited and waited for sale.  It paid off!  But okay, so here's my dilemma, readers.  When I initially tried this dress on, I felt the 0 was too tight and I'd be more comfortable in a 2.  But when I went to buy it, my store only had a 0... which seemed to fit?  I wasn't sure, so I ordered a 2.  Now I need to decide which size to keep, and I need your help!  Here's the 2 on me:

And here's the 0:
Looking at the photos, I'm leaning towards the 0, strangely, because I feel like the 2 makes me look kind of silly in the arms, but what do you think?  Please help because I need to make a decision so I can actually wear my beautiful new dress! 

Finally, I've got a couple of OotDs for you:

Honey Butter Skirt (Anthro 2009)
Climbing Cowlneck (Anthro 2010)
Target cardi
Macy's tights
Hallowed Halls Oxfords (Anthro 2010)
Kohl's necklace (pretty old)

I loved this outfit!  I scored this skirt on super sale last Valentine's day, and it always reminds me of the fun times I had with my friends that day.  It's also super soft. 

Gathered Alyssum Dress (Anthro 2009)
Looping Lanes Belt (Anthro 2010)
Talbots tee-shirt
Jessica Simpson tights (Macy's)
... I just realized I'm wearing the same Kohl's necklace.  Oops.  I swear these pictures were a few days apart.
Grandmother's boots

This is a shameless repeat outfit from last Christmas, and I wear versions of it constantly.  This dress was one of my first Anthro purchases and my very first Anthro dress.  I've worn it so much so many different ways.  I feel special and mega girly in it, which is pretty much always my goal when I'm getting dressed. 

Well, I'm getting my hair trimmed and my nails done today, so I need to say goodbye.  I hope you enjoyed this big post, and let me know what you think.  Especially about the Laced With Grace dress! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oodles of OotDs

Hi everybody!  I have outfit pictures of what I wore last week!

Dress:  Anthro (Asters Everywhere)
Shoes:  Anthro (Sweater-Cuffed Booties)
Cardigan:  JCrew
Tights:  Macy's
Necklace:  Anthro (Zodiac Heirloom -- which is turned around, sorry)
Cat:  Not included

I wore this outfit on a date last week.  This dress was one of my presents on my 24th birthday, and I love it very much.  I got this cardigan at a JCrew warehouse sale, and it's already becoming one of my favorites.  It goes with so many things!  Oh, and if anyone is looking for my necklace, I saw a bunch at my local Anthro for only $15!  They definitely had Libra and Sagittarius, and there may be others.  If you want to know the location/phone number, leave me a comment with your email address!

"Dress":  Anthro (this is actually a chemise, shh)
 Turtleneck:  JCrew
Tights:  Macy's
Belt:  Anthro (Looping Lanes)
Headband:  Anthro (Flushed Beauty)

I wore this to go shopping on the weekend.  Did I mention that my new thing is getting away with nightgowns as dresses?  Anthro's slips are too pretty to stay at home, I say!  I ended up ditching the gloves because it was pretty warm that day.

The following are some work outfits!  I present to you, what cute scientists wear to the lab!

Anthro:  Skirt (Circle the Globe), Top (Creative Outlet Tank), shoes (Sweater Cuffed Booties) and flower clip
Socks:  Francesca's (love these!)
Cardi:  Target
Necklace:  Gift from my sister

Anthro:  Dress (NY, NY -- my gift to myself for passing quals last year, and oh how I love it), tights (Speckled Tights)
Cardi:  Jcrew
Boots:  My grandmother's

It's a miracle that I have this dress, let me tell you.  I randomly checked my wishlist again after ordering another item, and I noticed that this dress had popped back.  In my size!  On sale!  Everyone and their dog was looking for this dress, and here it was on my wishlist?  I called CS immediately and told them that I'd just placed an order, and could they add this dress to it.  Turns out the other item had already shipped out -- wow, fast shipping -- but they agreed to ship this dress to me for free.  So I scored a super popular item on sale with free shipping.  I've never seen this dress pop back again in any size since.  I couldn't believe it!  I think this is my "lucky Anthro item" story of my lifetime. ;)  I decided to rock an Elphaba side braid today.  And maybe one day my hair will get longer so people can tell that's what I'm going for!

Um, shamelessly head-to-toe Anthro here.
Wind-rippled Tee
Leifsdottir skirt
Luminous Boots
Speckled Tights

The skirt is the only Leifsdottir item I'm lucky enough to own.  I found it on second cut at my local store and treasure it.  It's so pretty, but I sometimes have trouble thinking of ways to wear it.  I was proud of myself for coming up with this combo, as I don't think I'm very good with putting unusual colors together.  I've learned everything I know about fashion from other bloggers.  I got these boots for only $30, and they are probably the nicest boots I own!

Speckled Ink Dress (Christmas gift from my sister)
Cardi:  Jcrew
Sweater Cuffed Booties (one day I will stop wearing these super cute and comfortable shoes -- oh wait, no I won't)
Necklace:  NY and Company, old (but loved to death)
Tights:  Macy's

I wore this to deal with a stressful day and some boring meetings.  My hair was a hot mess that day, so I apologize for that.  (I tried to curl it, but it was having none of it.)  This is my attempt at "conservative," which you will see is not all that conservative, as I have my bright orange and my pattern mixin' going on -- my tights have orange and purple polka dots on them.  Oh well; everyone else might think I'm weird, but at least I'm happy!

And finally, here's what cute scientists wear to go out on the weekends with their family:

Anthro Crop Patterns Dress
Cardi:  JCrew
Tights:  Anthro Speckled
Necklace:  Anthro Zodiac Heriloom
(You can't see them, but I may or may not be wearing my Sweater Cuffed Booties again.)

I adored this dress and have NO clue why I didn't buy it when I had the chance.  But then I was lucky enough to find it on Roxy's Trade Market post for a great price!  (Thanks so much, Annie!)  Brown is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I just love the crazy "tail" in the back, as Maria calls it.

See the "tail"? :D

Well, I hope you enjoyed these outfits.  I have to get going to do some errands before work (staying till 8:30 today, boo), so I'll say goodbye till we meet again, all.  Next time I have a couple of reviews to share with you, so I'll see you then!