Monday, March 28, 2011

Current Wishlist!

Well, hello, Monday! (And goodbye, Monday. I think I speak for most of us when I say that you will not be missed.) If there's one thing good about a Monday, it's the possibility of an Anthro sale tomorrow. Do you have a good feeling about this week? My wallet and I are still sitting this one out unless some crazy second cuts happen and I get really lucky, but good luck to everyone hoping for items!

Because the weather here has been soul-suckingly-cold lately, I thought I'd bring a little warmth to my blog by posting some lovely spring items that have made their way onto my wishlist. I like to pay attention to the new arrivals around this time because they're probably the options that will be hitting sale around birthday-discount-time for me (Dear June, please arrive faster, love, Katie). Here are a few things I have my eye on:

Make A Wish Skirt

This beauty sure is pretty, and I think it would be a great skirt for spring and summer (and knowing me, fall and winter, ahem). I love the shape, but over $120 for polyester? No thank you. On second cut I'd consider this.

Epoch Blouse

Ria, you are a horrible person for showing me this top! Ruffles, flowers, girliness, and a vintage vibe? I'm in love. The price is too rich for my blood, but maybe with a good sale and a birthday discount I could make this happen. It's backordered till JUNE online, so I'm taking that as a sign and having hope. Foolish, foolish hope.

Imaginings Chemise

This just in: I don't will never have enough ditsy floral dresses. This pretty looks like it could totally fit into my Loungewear As Daywear Problem, and as a huge fan of impressionism I was immediately drawn to it online. I think it would look adorable with white tights and a pastel cardigan for spring and on its own (or maybe with a brown belt) for summer! So excited to try this on.

Tippi Dress

Oh dress, how you continue to haunt me. I still haven't tried this one on yet. I know that a lot of people don't like it, but Roxy gave it a favorable review, so I'm still holding out hope. I'm crossing my fingers I won't be sized out of this one! (And that it'll stick around for a second cut!)

Also on my wishlist but as-yet undiscovered:

Spring/summer shoes! I have a horrible lack of these in my closet, guys. I really need some flats and heels that I can wear without my tights and that will look cute without killing my feet. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them! I'm on the hunt particularly for simple but cute, solid color flats, gold or brown sandals, and round toe medium-to-low heels. Comfort is a must; I can't do the zero-support piece-of-cardboard flats or the toe-murdering heels. I want to find something that feels like something you'd wear to walk around a nursing home but looks like something a young scientist might want to wear a few decades before she needs help with her hearing aid. Impossible? Maybe, but hope springs eternal! I'm particularly hoping for these to hit sale! Did I mention I love Mary Janes?

What's on your wishlist for spring and summer?


  1. Great picks! The Tippi dress is so pretty. I love the colors. I would recommend looking at Indigo by Clarks for cute, comfy shoes. They have some great styles and their shoes are very supportive/comfortable.

  2. I've been checking every day to see if those Poetic License shoes have gone on sale. What color are you gonna get? I want the mint or pink, but I'm not sure how much wear they'll get...

    I love that Imaginings Chemise! Just added it to my wishlist :)

  3. I'm all about the loungewear as daywear too-- cute and comfortable, yes please! I've bought expensive flats and I've bought the $10 ones from Target, and I've found that they wear in the same places in the same amount of time, so cheapies it is. And since I love the look of ballet flats but not the stabbing pains of flat shoes, I buy the gel arch supports from Dr. Scholl's to wear with them (so I guess if you're Dress Like a Cute Scientist, the arch supports might make me Dress Like an Old Librarian).

  4. The Make a Wish, Tippi, and Imaginings chemise are all on my radar too! True, a girl can NEVER have to many ditsy florals in their wardrobe. BUt the MOMPOS dress, it's completely shot to the top of my wish list! For sure. It actually hurts, knowing it's not in my closet....yet.

  5. I understand needing cute shoes that are also comfortable!
    Born has some cute flats (in several colors) that you can find at Nordstrom Rack for around $50. They are so comfortable!
    I don't know where you live so I don't know if you have one near you:
    Happy shopping!