Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nerdy theme park wear

Hello! Here is what scientists wear to theme parks!

Shirt: Anthro
Tank: Old Navy
Shorts: JCrew
Fake!Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Outfits like these are very good for riding very scary rides such as swings.

And slightly scarier rides such as my favorite rollercoaster.

And, of course, for frolicking.


  1. Sigh....I think of leaving you a note to say this every time I visit your blog, but the content of my intended message seems obvious and thus redundant. Today I must say it: You are all kinds of adorable!

  2. Ohh I hate the swings! I always go on them thinking how much fun they are, and then I feel all icky once I get off them. You look like you survived quite fine though! Very cute outfit for the theme park, nice and practical, but cute.