Sunday, September 18, 2011

A less-glamorous OotD

I thought recent events in the blogging community would be as good an excuse as any to post some pictures of my new workout clothes! I've recently become a little obsessed with running skirts. I spend way too much time running to not be girly while I do it, right? I've also graduated to "real" running clothes, including synthetic fibers -- it turns out that, although they are great for actual clothes, natural fibers aren't a great idea for workout clothes. You learn something new every day. Here are some of the new outfits I've acquired for hitting the pavement. Please excuse the first picture -- it was after a four mile run!

I love this top for cooler weather running! It was very comfortable at 55 degrees a few days ago. And who would have thought I could go running in a pink skirt? Yes, this is exactly what I look like after running four miles, by the way. As you can see, I didn't even put my Ipod down.

And here's a warmer weather running outfit! I wisely remembered to take these pictures BEFORE I ran. My headband is a Sweaty Band, which are awesome, by the way, and do what they promise and stay put! (Thanks for the rec, Jewish Girl!)

My running is really picking up. I can comfortably run 7.5 miles now, and I typically do about 20-30 miles a week. I absolutely love seeing how much stronger I've been getting, and having cute clothes to run in just makes it that much easier to stay motivated.

Okay, I've got a dying laptop battery on my hands, so I'll need to sign off until I can get that taken care of tomorrow. Thanks for dying on me after the stores are closed, laptop. See you guys later!


  1. Running skirts are so fun! It's great to feel pretty and girly while getting your cardio on.

    Glad you are digging the sweaty bands. They're my favorite workout accessory!

  2. You look so cute. I love those running skirts.

  3. I love those running skirts! Where are they from?