Thursday, April 14, 2011

Present Yourself

Good evening! I have a short post for you before bed!



Circle the Globe Skirt (Anthropologie)
Macy's top (oldddd)
Also oldddd shoes

We have a crepe truck that stops by every Thursday (lucky us!), and I thought this outfit was a bit French-inspired and fitting for the occasion. I remembered, btw, why I do not wear these shoes. Hopefully you can't see the mountain of band-aids plastered to my poor, blistered feet, but those straps are killers. This is yet more evidence that I need better summer shoes, sigh.


What's that I'm holding? Tomorrow is another poster session for me, so I'll be telling lots of scientists about my research while (hopefully) looking cute. Wish me luck! I'm afraid that our latest research is really confusing to people outside our field, so I'll definitely need it!

(PS: OMG. 51 FOLLOWERS. I am such an overexcited dork about this, you have no idea. Love to every single one of you!)


  1. Yay poster! Good luck with the presentation! I'm pretty sure the pictures of you with your poster last year were among the first ones I ever saw of you in that cute reddish-orange and cream dress. Definitely love this French-inspired one, and the shoes are adorable even if painful. Hope you get some more comfortable ones soon, though!

  2. You look lovely! The bright blouse and skirt suit you perfectly...good luck with your presentation :)