Monday, February 7, 2011

Oodles of OotDs

Hi everybody!  I have outfit pictures of what I wore last week!

Dress:  Anthro (Asters Everywhere)
Shoes:  Anthro (Sweater-Cuffed Booties)
Cardigan:  JCrew
Tights:  Macy's
Necklace:  Anthro (Zodiac Heirloom -- which is turned around, sorry)
Cat:  Not included

I wore this outfit on a date last week.  This dress was one of my presents on my 24th birthday, and I love it very much.  I got this cardigan at a JCrew warehouse sale, and it's already becoming one of my favorites.  It goes with so many things!  Oh, and if anyone is looking for my necklace, I saw a bunch at my local Anthro for only $15!  They definitely had Libra and Sagittarius, and there may be others.  If you want to know the location/phone number, leave me a comment with your email address!

"Dress":  Anthro (this is actually a chemise, shh)
 Turtleneck:  JCrew
Tights:  Macy's
Belt:  Anthro (Looping Lanes)
Headband:  Anthro (Flushed Beauty)

I wore this to go shopping on the weekend.  Did I mention that my new thing is getting away with nightgowns as dresses?  Anthro's slips are too pretty to stay at home, I say!  I ended up ditching the gloves because it was pretty warm that day.

The following are some work outfits!  I present to you, what cute scientists wear to the lab!

Anthro:  Skirt (Circle the Globe), Top (Creative Outlet Tank), shoes (Sweater Cuffed Booties) and flower clip
Socks:  Francesca's (love these!)
Cardi:  Target
Necklace:  Gift from my sister

Anthro:  Dress (NY, NY -- my gift to myself for passing quals last year, and oh how I love it), tights (Speckled Tights)
Cardi:  Jcrew
Boots:  My grandmother's

It's a miracle that I have this dress, let me tell you.  I randomly checked my wishlist again after ordering another item, and I noticed that this dress had popped back.  In my size!  On sale!  Everyone and their dog was looking for this dress, and here it was on my wishlist?  I called CS immediately and told them that I'd just placed an order, and could they add this dress to it.  Turns out the other item had already shipped out -- wow, fast shipping -- but they agreed to ship this dress to me for free.  So I scored a super popular item on sale with free shipping.  I've never seen this dress pop back again in any size since.  I couldn't believe it!  I think this is my "lucky Anthro item" story of my lifetime. ;)  I decided to rock an Elphaba side braid today.  And maybe one day my hair will get longer so people can tell that's what I'm going for!

Um, shamelessly head-to-toe Anthro here.
Wind-rippled Tee
Leifsdottir skirt
Luminous Boots
Speckled Tights

The skirt is the only Leifsdottir item I'm lucky enough to own.  I found it on second cut at my local store and treasure it.  It's so pretty, but I sometimes have trouble thinking of ways to wear it.  I was proud of myself for coming up with this combo, as I don't think I'm very good with putting unusual colors together.  I've learned everything I know about fashion from other bloggers.  I got these boots for only $30, and they are probably the nicest boots I own!

Speckled Ink Dress (Christmas gift from my sister)
Cardi:  Jcrew
Sweater Cuffed Booties (one day I will stop wearing these super cute and comfortable shoes -- oh wait, no I won't)
Necklace:  NY and Company, old (but loved to death)
Tights:  Macy's

I wore this to deal with a stressful day and some boring meetings.  My hair was a hot mess that day, so I apologize for that.  (I tried to curl it, but it was having none of it.)  This is my attempt at "conservative," which you will see is not all that conservative, as I have my bright orange and my pattern mixin' going on -- my tights have orange and purple polka dots on them.  Oh well; everyone else might think I'm weird, but at least I'm happy!

And finally, here's what cute scientists wear to go out on the weekends with their family:

Anthro Crop Patterns Dress
Cardi:  JCrew
Tights:  Anthro Speckled
Necklace:  Anthro Zodiac Heriloom
(You can't see them, but I may or may not be wearing my Sweater Cuffed Booties again.)

I adored this dress and have NO clue why I didn't buy it when I had the chance.  But then I was lucky enough to find it on Roxy's Trade Market post for a great price!  (Thanks so much, Annie!)  Brown is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I just love the crazy "tail" in the back, as Maria calls it.

See the "tail"? :D

Well, I hope you enjoyed these outfits.  I have to get going to do some errands before work (staying till 8:30 today, boo), so I'll say goodbye till we meet again, all.  Next time I have a couple of reviews to share with you, so I'll see you then!


  1. Oh my, I am in love with that Leifsdottir skirt! I think that's my favorite ensemble, too. :3

  2. LOVE the second picture of your gray dress and headband and belt; they all go together so well! I absolutely adore the gray Anthropologie chemise. It totally works as a dress! In the summer, my camisoles function as tank tops, so I figure if I can show off my boobs, you can show off your nightgown! FYI in ye olden days (pre-20th century), chemises were slips women wore under their dress/petticoats/corset/pantalets. So we're actually showing off old-fashioned underwear, yay! :D

  3. NTG: Thanks! The brand is so expensive, but sometimes they have pretty deep markdowns. That's totally the only way I can afford them.

    Kendall: Thanks! I was really excited to come up with a way to wear it outside, too. It's way too cute to stay in the house, isn't it? Totally no do-able for work, but I think with tights or leggings it would be fine on weekends, and in the summer with flats it would be a cute going-out dress. I love the Francesca's socks, too, btw!