Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday! But I have a petticoat! Life is good!

Today was definitely a Monday. Tons of things to do at work today, and the work just didn't seem to end when I got home. Good thing one of my post-depression Anthro presents arrived on Friday.

So when I first saw this slip a few months ago, I had a crazy idea to wear it with my navy Reed Dress. You know by now that I love poof and girliness, and this outfit idea was both of those things. My friend Keenan informed me that I needed this look in my life, and I pined for it ever since. Well today, I finally got to realize this vision. Yes, my visions have now been reduced to outfits in my head. It's the little things, I tell you. Of course, I had to be a little crazy and add in some orange...



Anthropologie Reed Shirtdress (2010), Chantilly Chemise (call CS or watch for popbacks!)
Macy's tights
NY & Company necklace
Grandma's boots
Cats: Emma and Toby BOTH said hello to you today!

I also wanted to show y'all a picture of the slip on its own to get some ideas on how to wear it as a dress. I loved wearing it as a slip and think it'll make so many of my dresses that much more awesome (and by more awesome, I mean poofier). But I have a feeling I can get away with this as a dress, too, at least on the weekends. Here's a picture:


What do you guys think? How would you wear it? Right now I'm wondering about a brown jacket over it, but I'd love to hear some more ideas.

In other news, I am a dork and just now realized I have Photoshop on my computer. Luckily I am not so technologically challenged that I cannot crop, and thanks to the suggestion of my friend Van I think I've fixed my silly photo problem. Hope it looks better for you!


  1. I think a flouncy slip like that under a shirtdress is a wonderful look! I love slips and try to work them into dresses whenever possible, and a '60s inspired dress like the Reed positively calls for a crinoline underneath anyway :) The Chantilly looks lovely on you just on its own too. (I'm slightly envious as it was super unflattering on me ;))

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Anjali! I admire your style so much, so I'm very flattered that you like my outfits. I'm sad that the Chantilly didn't work for you because it really is beautiful, and worth the price since I'm so going to wear it as a dress. I think in the summer it would definitely work on its own!

  3. Oh, it looks fabulouse under the dress and on it's own as well! Very pretty! I would throw on a gray belt and a purple/lavender cardigan (I'm really digging lavender and lace right now:)!