Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've been a bad girl.

So as I'm sure everyone knows, there was an Anthro sale yesterday, and my beloved Tiered Rush Dress got the second cut I'd been hoping for.  I'd almost decided that I could pass on it, but then I logged into my wishlist this morning and noticed that one had popped back in my size... get this, along with a Chantilly Chemise, which I've also had my eye on forever and had been watching for a popback.  Between that and my bad news yesterday (there's been a death in the family for those concerned), I was weak.  Very weak.  And I ordered them both.  I even coughed up shipping.  Sigh.  Those two purchases put me over my budget this month, but at the moment I don't much care.  There's nothing else at Anthro that I really want due for a sale at the moment, so I doubt I'll shop there too much in March.  Sometimes you just deserve an extra treat, you know? 

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'm crossing my fingers that my presents don't get canceled!  I'll be sure to take photos if/when they arrive, and I'm looking forward to making tons of outfits. 

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