Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anthropologie fitting room reviews and Oot... long time ago!

Hi guys!  I have some old pictures from when I visited Anthropologie on my vacation, so I thought I'd post them here for anyone who's still considering any of these items.  Hope you find them helpful!

For reference, I am 5'3 (and a half, but who's counting?) with a small frame, about 105 pounds, and my measurements are approximately 33-24-34.  I am terrible at measuring myself, though, so this is probably off.  I typically wear a size 0/XS at Anthro.  Oh, and my shoe size is a small 6, in case I ever try on shoes.  My local Anthro does not carry them, so this is unlikely.  Sob.

First up is the Soft-Structured Dress, which comes in the floral that I tried on and an uninspiring-in-my-opinion gray.  I tried on an XS, and I'd say this dress is true-to-size to a bit small in the chest.  I liked this dress on Maria of Infinite Whimsy but wasn't a fan of it on me.  The top portion was a little sheer and the skirt didn't look very flattering on me.  I found this dress to be a little tight in the chest, but sizing up to a small would have made the dress way too big in the hips.  I don't consider myself "endowed" in that area, so those who are will probably want to try a size up.  Overall this isn't my style, but it may work for you!  Pass for me.

Next we have the D'armee Dress, which has recently been released in a few new colors (I'm digging the navy).  I tried on a 0 and liked the fit, so I'd say TTS.  I liked this dress more than I was expecting to.  The long sleeves are really cozy, and I like that you can unzip the top and layer under it to make it more interesting and versatile.  I don't feel that I have a need for this dress in my closet, but on 3rd cut I might consider it.  If it's your thing, I'd recommend it.

Okay, so I've had a crush on the Tiered Rush Dress since the beginning of last fall, and although this was my second time trying it on, my love had not waned.  Some have found this dress to run small, but I was comfortable in an XS.  If you don't like a fitted look, though, you may want to size up.  (I didn't find it tight, though, and I am sensitive to tight clothes.)  I loved the sleeves because, seriously, more dresses should have sleeves.  The 3/4 length will be good for fall, spring, and maybe even winter in warm climates like mine with proper layering.  The dress is jersey and well-made, and I found it really flattering.  I like that it's simple enough to create lots of different looks, and I'm a sucker for a good "throw on and go" dress, since I don't wear a lot of pants.  At $90 on sale, this is still too expensive for even well-made jersey for me, but I'll be picking this up if it makes it to a second cut!

And finally, I tried on the much-talked-about De Chelly dress (no longer available online, but call customer service if you want to pick one up!).  I tried on a 0 and it fit well, though it was a bit long for me (I'm 5'3).  If Anthro carried petites in-store I would have liked to have tried a petite size to see if it fit better, but my chances of finding one now are pretty slim, alas.  I liked the print and color much more than I was expecting to (I was worried it would wash me out), and the rope belt is cute.  My favorite thing about this dress is the full skirt.  I love full skirts.  Unfortunately, I love them so much that I have approximately 358202802 already in my closet, so I'm not sure I have a need for this dress in my life at $80.  I'll be watching this one for a second cut, though. 

Lastly, here is... an outfit that is totally not my OotD today, but I did wear it a few weeks ago!  (Please excuse the broken blinds.  I have cats who enjoy breaking things.)

Dress/shirt:  Dillard's, old
Tights:  Anthro (2009)
Belt:  Anthro Looping Lanes
Boots:  Belonged to my grandmother

Goodnight everyone!


  1. I really like the last one, and the jersey dress. And the De Chelley. So much cute. A++

    Also, hee, kitties.

  2. I thought the Tiered Rush dress looked the most Katie-ish of the trio. ; ) Me gusta. :D