Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi, November. Nice to meet ya.

Yawn. I'm still recovering from Halloween, but I have a dance class to attend tonight, so I'd better pick myself up and get moving. Do you know the best thing about making way too much food at your Halloween party? A plethora of leftovers, that's what.

I wanted this outfit to happen ever since last summer when I saw this top and this slip hanging next to each other in my closet. I thought the colors would be awesome together and so fall-ish with tights, and I'm really loving the slip as a skirt lately. Unfortunately, it was way too hot for this outfit to become reality at the time I got the idea, so I put it aside until the weather retreated into less hellish temperatures. When I finally got a chance to wear it, I really liked how it turned out. I think this color palette works really well for the first day of November. The holidays are creeping up on us, eep!

Top: Anthro
"Skirt": Anthro (Shh, it's really a nightgown.)
Tights: Macy's
Boots: Grandma's

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