Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A sickly outfit

So this is another old outfit that I wore a week or so ago when I was having one of my miserable sick days at work. I think this was taken during the worst of the sickness, which amuses me because I actually really like this look. And holy crap, why is my hair behaving when I'm sick? Dear hair, please do this at a time when I want to do something other than lie in bed with an ice pack on my head watching Thumbelina and guzzling cold meds. Yeah, this outfit didn't last long, because on this particular day I went home at 4PM and did exactly that, but I figured that you should get to see it anyway. This lovely dress has been just as versatile as I'd hoped, and although it's still a little big, I've been able to create many of the outfits I'd envisioned with it already. Best part? It's totally back in stock at ModCloth, so if you need a comfy basic, go get it!

ModCloth Days of the Chic Dress
JCrew warehouse cashmere cardigan
Softwalk shoes
Macy's tights
Necklace: gift from sister (Ria) from a shop in Charleston

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