Wednesday, November 30, 2011

... Bloggy McBloggerson?

So for some reason I am all Posty McPosterson today (sorry, I couldn't help it -- yesterday's title is still on my brain) and decided to knock out a blog before work. Here's yet another backlogged outfit that I am only just now getting around to posting. I like how I've found so many things that these tights go with when, at the time I bought them, I felt like they would be awesome but wouldn't really go with anything. Well. I guess I should say "things to wear these tights with." I am not actually sure they "go" with this outfit. But I'm not actually sure I care. Why don't you decide, lovely readers?

Also, yeah, this "dress" is a little short with these tall heels. Um, oops. I love, love, love wearing shirts under it, and I'm always trying to find ways to make it work-appropriate, but that's a difficult task, as you can imagine. Guess I'll be wearing it with flats from now on...

Old JC Penny's dress
gifted tee from I-dunno-where
Dillard's tights
DSW shoes (these are by b.o.c. and awesome)
gifted headband

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