Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a couple of daredevil anthroholics

Last weekend, my sister Ria and I met up at one of our favorite places to be repeatedly flung upside down by various steel dragons. That's right, we went to conquer roller coasters in the middle of a heat index of 110. I am crazy, remember?


In line for one of my favorite inverted coasters. Ria is wearing the Buds and Bunches Tank. I am wearing the Creative Outlet Tank. Yes, we wore Anthro to a theme park.


This is the Scream Weaver. I imagine it's very similar to what being inside a washing machine on the spin cycle feels like. Also, I'm pretty sure I could eat a cheeseburger and go on it twenty times in a row, but I haven't tried that (yet).


Showing off my contortionist skills as I attempt to self-take a picture while trapped in a Very Serious shoulder harness.

And finally, a very different setting for my OotD:


This is the first and only hypercoaster I have been on, and my favorite ride to date (although there's a certain wooden coaster in this park that will always have a dear place in my heart). A hypercoaster is a roller coaster that's over 200 feet tall. I wish there were more this big near me! The front row experience is worth it, guys. So worth it. Ria wouldn't ride this one with me. Cry. Everyone please tell her that I need a picture next time!

By the way, I'm wearing my JCrew warehouse shorts. Dear JCrew: Please bring your warehouse back to my town so I can get some more $3 shorts. Pretty please? I'll take you on the Scream Weaver with me in thanks. Or I won't; whichever your proverbial stomach prefers. Love, Katie the Thrillseeking Fashionista

PS: Dear self: the next time you decide to use your season pass, maybe you could pick a day with temperatures out of the triple digits?

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