Monday, October 3, 2011

New dress debut

You've already seen this 'new' dress from Anthro in 2009, but this outfit was the first time I wore it out. I had planned to wear it to an upcoming fancy dinner since the day I bought it, and it was perfect for an evening at the Melting Pot with a coworker. How delicious is the Melting Pot? And how delicious is the back of this dress? I don't know what possessed me to pass it up the first time around, but I'm glad I picked it up when I did. Better late than never!

Two something elses making their fall debut are my much-loved Anthro boots, which I miraculously scored for only $30. The brightness of these shoes apparently put a lot of people off, but not me! I've already worn the heck out of them, and colder weather hasn't even been here a week. I didn't realize how perfect they were with this dress until I tried them, but um. Perfect.


  1. This is pretty sexy for an Anthro dress :D
    You look fantastic and very fall-appropriate.

  2. I love those boots and the back of that dress is amazing! Such a cute outfit!

    There is a Melting Pot by me (Cleveland, OH) but I have never gone. Is it really good? That might have to be next on my list.

  3. I went to the melting pot before, i loved it lol. Great dress and I remember those boots! SO they are not so gold irl I am guessing?

  4. Those boots are amazing! I can't believe I didn't see them on sale! The braids in your hair are adorable too