Thursday, October 20, 2011


Okay, so this outfit is definitely not my usual and definitely not a work outfit, and I definitely think it's more than a little weird, but I'm showing you anyway. You can blame my trip to the JCrew warehouse sale for its existence. A week or two, I went to the second sale in my fragile beginning-fashionista life with a coworker and picked up a lot of goodies. I was really excited about them and couldn't wait to try everything on, so I came up with, well, this:

Cardigan and shorts: JCrew warehouse
Top: Anthro (I do not know the name, but my mom sent it to me as a Halloween gift :D)
Socks: Francesca's
Boots: Grandma

I also, um, maybe bought a hat at the JCrew sale. I do not wear has. I don't think they look right on me, and I question my ability to pull them off. But heck, I love this hat, and it was $8, and accordingly I am just gonna grit my teeth and show you:

It's kind of ridiculous. I love it.

Ever been to a JCrew warehouse sale? I can say with confidence that it is utter craaa-ziness, but if you have a lot of endurance and patience, you can find some really great stuff.


  1. The bright blue of the shorts is fantastic! And I think the hat looks great on you.

  2. That's the Expanding Universe Tank (in green)! I stalked the red one for months and finally snagged it on sale, which is how I know. ;)