Friday, February 10, 2012

She really is a funny girl

Hi! I'm in a very good mood today because I finally got some important details of my thesis ironed out and I finally, finally have an estimated ETA for the conclusion of the grad school phase of my life! This makes me very happy for many reasons, some of which you can probably guess if you've been a grad student. ;) I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I've got a really solid plan to accomplish it and I'm really excited for this glimpse of the "light at the end of the tunnel."

Here's a casual outfit that I wore a few weekends ago to see Beauty and the Beast. Belle is "my" princess and I've always related to her. My first memory of this movie is at one of my first sleepovers when I was about six, and I immediately knew that Belle was my kind of hero. I can so understand the feeling that you're meant for greater things but not knowing how to achieve them (and ending up spending a lot of time dreaming about achieving them). And growing up, I was always the "funny girl" (and by "funny" I mean "weird") who had "a dreamy, far-off look and her nose stuck in a book." I remember being baffled that someone so much like me could be the hero of a story. It's my second favorite Disney movie (favorite being The Lion King, but all Disney movies are my favorites), so I knew I had to see it in the theater again. My boyfriend is kind of awesome and not only took me to see it, but claims he enjoyed himself. Yeah, think I'll keep him.

Skirt: UO (for $5, sweet!)
Tee: Talbot's
Tights: DSW
Shoes: new favorites from Aerosoles
Necklace: Kohl's

(Are you surprised that I chose Belle as my princess for the upcoming Disney Princess Half Marathon? Nope? I didn't think so.)


  1. Belle is my favorite, too! Quiet, smart girl is misunderstood by obnoxious townspeople, only to find an enchanted castle with a wonderful library? Sign me up.

    And congratulations on your thesis progress! Yay!

    xo Julie

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  2. Hi! I just came across your blog and I love it! You are so adorable and I love your fashion..I'm your newest fan :)

  3. ooh congrats on seeing the light at the end of the grad student tunnel! I completely understand what that's like, so it is def reason to feel happy and relieved!!


  4. You look adorable. Loved your style!

  5. I found your blog, and I love it! :-)

  6. Belle is kinda the best Princess out there! Love the skirt! And congrats on having a great boy AND seeing a light at the end of the tunnel :)

  7. Jackie here! I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance. jclarkmca[at]gmail[dot]com


  8. Dear Katie,

    I love your blog and your style. You are a beautiful fashionista! I am writing in the hope that you will sell me the twinkle headband that you have posted on your blog at your asking price. I am willing to pay a high price for my daughters wish of wearing the Anthro headband to the "bohemian" style wedding she is having in August. My daughter bought it from Anthropologie about 2 years ago and was saving it for quite some time. She is absolutely torn that it was lost. She had saved it for so long to wear on her special day and I feel terribly as her mother. I am unable to find it anywhere since it was in stores awhile back. You are my only hope! Please respond to me at I would truly appreciate it. Your kindness would make her (and my) day.


  9. Hi Katie,

    I really enjoy your blog.

    I hope you have a chance to post again soon.

    All the best.