Saturday, February 4, 2012

I've been a bad girl.

Um. Hi.

I know it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted here. A lot of factors contributed to me not posting, including being busy with life events (cough thesis proposal cough) and just not being all that happy with my outfits/pictures. I've also been pretty busy with friends/boyfriend, my dancing, and being totally consumed with excitement over the upcoming Hunger Games movie. I've actually been planning a Somewhat Serious Post here over the past week or two inspired by the thinky-thoughts I had when I read the Hunger Games trilogy, namely how I can reconcile my love of clothes and pretty things with the themes of the books. Don't get too scared; I'm not giving up fashion 'cause I read a book, and if I turned away from pretty clothes every time I read a book that bashes consumerism, I would have no clothes. But the focus on fashion in The Hunger Games has led me to think it'd be a logical tie-in with the focus of this blog, so look for that soon.

I've noticed that if I fall out of the habit of posting, it becomes even easier to not post. And then if a certain amount of time goes by, I'll feel odd coming back to posting, as if I've insulted all my readers with my absence and just continuing to hide would be less rude than being all "Um. Hi." But while I might not have the time or inclination to post every day, I do enjoy cataloging my outfits here and interacting with readers and having a record of what looks good and what doesn't. Thank you to everyone who kept me on their reader list -- I really don't mean to be away for these long stretches, and I'll try to do better in the future!

I actually have two outfits today. I got a pair of red pants for Christmas, which I've been wanting, and surprisingly they go with a lot. I put together two different looks and wanted to show you them together. Next on my list is to finally acquire some colored denim. Corduroy is fun for winter and early spring, but I'm going to need some other options with this crazy 'winter' we've been having lately. I'm not super happy with the quality of these photos, but I'm still learning how to use Photoshop.

First, casual dinner-slash-thesis-whinefest with boyfriend:

Pants: Macy's
Dress/tunic: JC Penny (old)
Cardigan: Target
Headband: Anthropologie
Shoes: DSW

Then, hardcore-lit-review-whinefest with my computer at home:

Pants: Macy's
Tee: Talbot's (another Christmas gift)
Necklace: gift from my sister from local Charleston shop
Rain boots: Kamik

I think I might have left the house that day. Maybe.

Even though I haven't been blogging, I do still have lots of old outfit pictures in my camera, so I really hope to start sharing those soon. What about you, lovely readers? How is life for you?

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