Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And the "Worst Blogger Ever" award goes to...

(Drumroll please.)

... Katie!

Yeah, I'm sorry for being away. A lot has been happening, notably holiday fever and work burnout and some potential big life changes, but mostly the problem is that I've kind of hated my outfits and thus just never felt like posting them. And since I never felt like posting them, I didn't feel like taking more pictures, which led to more not posting, and... You see how this game is played. I'm going to attempt to clear out this frustration by just putting up the last two outfits in my current backlog and hopefully moving on to some less frustrating options.

We kick things off with a dose of your friendly neighborhood ridiculous-poofy-dress-with-planes-on-it:

And continue with an absolutely-cold-weather-appropriate ensemble:

... Oh wait, no it wasn't:

... It really, really wasn't:

I've got one more day to kind of fail at writing my thesis, and then I'm free to do "important" things like:

- Paint my nails
- Put on pumpkin/honey face masks
- Read Mockingjay
- Train for my half marathon
- Watch Christmas movies
- Bake all the things
- Sleep
- Play Sims 3 all day
- Watch a whole mess of Gundam
- Do ridiculous face moisturizing routines
- Wash my hair
- Dance to Taylor Swift at 2AM while doing cartwheels around the room

Yeah. It's going to be all business this holiday season.


  1. LOL--Love your list of important things to do. And I totally need more info on that pumpkin/honey face mask. Is that something you make or buy?

  2. I got it at Whole Foods, AppGal, and you can find it here: http://andalou.com/index.php/skin-care/masks/pumpkin-glycolic-brightening-mask.html I really like it!